Subsurface Utility Engineering

Tight timelines and even tighter budgets mean construction managers must leave no stone unturned during the planning stage. Subsurface utility engineering allows them to do just that. Studies show SUE returns a quantified average of 400% in avoided costs and even more in qualitative savings. Q3 Contracting’s S.U.E. service can reduce and eliminate costs & delays associated with redesign, relocation of utilities, utility damage and contractor claims on many projects. Health and safety risks are also greatly reduced for both staff and the public. The goal of Q3 Contracting is to provide our customers with the most accurate information for project design and excavation.

  Horizontal Electronic Confirmation of Underground Facilities
GPS mapping
  Sub Foot GPS Coordinates of Existing Infrastructure
  Vertical Confirmation of Depth of Existing Utilities
Plan and Profile Design
  Determine the Placement and Depth of New Infrastructure
Based on Conflicts With Existing Infrastructure
AutoCAD Drafting
  Create Digital Plans of Proposed and Existing Infrastructure
  Obtain Construction Permits for Infrastructure Projects
Identify Private Facilities
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